Board and Staff of Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania

Young Audiences has an incredibly dedicated working group of trustees. The following people give generously of their time, their talent and their resources to make us who we are. We acknowledge and salute our board and staff members.

Board of Trustees

Richard Goldman

Vice Chairs
Tanuja M. Dehne
Linda Kinsey
Barbara Fulton Moran


Gil Blitz

Recording Secretary
Pamela Parsons

Tamara Barnes
Carol Belt
Sanford Bing
James Burke
Robert Burt
Luz Cardenas
Andrea Colby
Arthur Factor
Liz Fillo
Deborah Sands Gartenberg
Marilyn W. Grounds
Andrea Harangozo
Kathy Herring
Eleanor V. Horne
Robert Keck
Hella McVay
Michael Metz-Topodas
Andrew Outerbridge
Steven Peskin
Mary M. Reece
Belinda Roll
Deborah Shepherd
Willa Spicer
Sharon White


President & CEO
Laurence Capo

Director of Arts and Education
Maureen Heffernan

Development Director
Ann Betterton

Finance Director
Debra Mindlin

Director of Marketing & PR
Denyce Mylson

Technology Coordinator
Chris Schondel

Programming Director
Donnajean Reckelhoff

Arts Education Project Director
Liz Winter-Kuwornu

Arts Education Program Associate
Jacqueline Knox

Education Associate
Eastern Pennsylvania Operations Manager
Adam Nicolai

Associate Programming Director
Carol Hunt

Development Associate
Alexa Hardy

Special Projects and Assessment Coordinator
Michelle Marigliano

Producing Director
Chris Parks